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best places to get photos in Santa Monica

Palm trees, sunsets, beaches, The Pier–these are just a few of the elements that make Santa Monica one of the most picturesque cities along the West Coast. You’d be hard-pressed to find a city more perfectly poised for photography. Whether you’re on vacation, celebrating a birthday, wedding, or just feeling super photogenic one day.

There are plenty of places around this seaside city to snap a few Instaworthy pics. Here’s Big Dean’s list of the best places to get photos in Santa Monica.

Place # 1: Ocean Avenue

First on our list is Ocean Avenue. This long stretch of road is lined by colorful little shops, hotels, and several parks including the original muscle beach. There’s so much going on on this strip that makes photo possibilities endless, particularly Palisades Park. Palisades is a 26.4 acre stretch of land that borders the sandy beaches overlooking the Santa Monica Bay, adorned by dozens of towering palm trees that make excellent aerial shots of the bay and Ocean Avenue strip.

Place # 2: Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is apart of this city’s crown and glory. The activities on the pier are endless and so are the photo possibilities. It’s an excellent place to fish, shop, ride rides, eat, and party. It’s beautiful during the day, but even more so at night when lights from the amusement park, restaurants, and shops light up the pier. Definitely the perfect place to snap a selfie during the day, at sunset or at night.

Place # 3: Main Street Murals

Santa Monica is home to all kinds of people from foodies and muscle builders to artists. It’s certainly no secret that this city is a hub for entertainment and the arts. The city is home to some 130 plus street murals and art sculptures. Photo inspo is everywhere, but Main Street is the place to be to snap a few pics. This street is lined with dozens of colorful street murals that are great for photos and videos.

Place # 4: Bowlmor Santa Monica

Bowlmor is the perfect place to get some pretty awesome action shots. It’s filled with retro arcade games and blacklight lanes that make this spot the perfect place to play and snap a few pics. Bowlmor’s architecture also gives off a super retro vibe, perfect for outdoor pictures. There’s even a refurbished 1950’s burgundy Cadillac that sits outside by the Bowlmor sign.

Place # 5: Brandy Melville California Sign

Brandy Melville was founded in 1970 in Italy by Sylvio and Stephan Marsan, but the Brandy Melville California wall is just as much a slice of Americana as it is a famous Santa Monica landmark. The wall is located along Third Street Promenade, where its pink wood-planked walls make the perfect backdrop for an outfit-of-the-day photoshoot.

Place # 6: Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café

The last place to get the best photos in Santa Monica, and more importantly, the best food, is Big Dean’s. We offer plenty of outdoor seating with views, live music, and delicious Instagram-worthy food. To hang out, eat great food, and capture awesome memories, visit Big Dean’s on the east side of the Boardwalk across from the Merry-Go-Round.

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