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sunset viewing in Santa Monica

Watching the sunset never gets old. It remains one of the most popular activities that young and old can enjoy together. Luckily Santa Monica’s pleasant weather means that you will have many opportunities to soak up the last rays of the sun. So, to help you take advantage of the sublime shoreline and sunsets, here are some of the favorite places for sunset viewing in Santa Monica.

Palisades Park

If you are looking to turn sunset viewing in Santa Monica into a romantic date, the Palisades Park is a great picnic spot. Looking out over the Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific, this park offers many benches and neatly trimmed lawns.

Pacific Park

If a romantic date is not on the agenda and you are instead searching for a place that the whole family can enjoy the sunset, you can head on over to Pacific Park. For a one-of-a-kind experience, watch the sunset from the Ferris wheel or, if you are keen on a bit more adventure, you can watch how the sun rolls behind the horizon while you are rolling downslope of the roller coaster.

Hotel Casa del Mar

Located in the heart of Silicon Beach, this oceanfront hotel boasts some of the best views of the coastline. Why not combine business with some pleasure and use this beachfront location for your next meeting? What better way to set out on a new journey than with a sunset in the background?

Tongva Park

Although this park only boasts six acres, it feels much bigger. Situated on Ocean Avenue, Tongva Park has four different areas, shaded picnic spots, and walking paths.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier remains one of the locals’ favorite spots for sunset viewing in Santa Monica. In addition to sunset viewing, the Pier also boasts a wide range of activities that include an arcade and amusement park. Here you are guaranteed to have loads of family fun in the sun(set).

Visit One Of Santa Monica’s Oceanfront Cafés

Situated on the east side of the Boardwalk across from the merry-go-round, the famous Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café is another family-friendly spot for sunset viewing in Santa Monica. Big Dean’s has been one of Santa Monica’s landmarks for a long time and, it is not only the locals who love this place… Celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Evel Knievel have also visited this establishment.

Here you can watch Mother Nature’s “Daily Special” while you enjoy one of their daily specials with the rest of the family. After the sun has disappeared behind the horizon, you can turn your attention to one of seventeen TVs that broadcast the most important sporting events.

Whether you are in the mood for buffalo wings or hot dogs, at Big Dean’s,you will find something for everyone and any budget. Follow Big Dean’s on Facebook where you will find ideas for what to do in Santa Monica (just because the sun has gone to bed does not mean it has to be bedtime for you too).

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