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Santa Monica is filled with activities and fun around every corner, but there is just something so special about the Santa Monica Pier. It makes sense that it’s the most popular destination in Santa Monica with stunning views, seemingly endless activities, and great vibes.

Additionally, Ocean Front Walk just off the Pier is a great destination for those who are heading to or coming from the Santa Monica Pier. Check out these great destinations on the Ocean Front Walk for a fun new adventure right beside the Pier.

1. Sea Mist Rentals

Sea Mist Rentals is your destination on Ocean Front Walk for skate rentals, bike rentals, and more. They have everything you need to tour Ocean Front Walk in style. Check out bicycles for both kids and adults, child trailers, tag-a-long bikes, low-rider trikes, tandems, and even rollerblades. You can choose to rent your equipment of choice by the hour or by the day.

2. Pier Playground

Right along Ocean Front Walk and across from Sea Mist Rentals is the Pier Playground, which includes both a small play area and lots of sand volleyball courts. Kids will love climbing on the sculpture and rocks, and parents can indulge in sand volleyball right beside them.

3. Chess Park

Chess Park is the best place to enjoy a laid back, beachside game of chess with friends, family, or even someone new. Long picnic-style tables and two-person tables and chairs hold chess boards permanently on them, but bring your own pieces. You can play for hours or just sit and people watch. Plus, the Original Muscle Beach is right next to it, which is a great place for kids to get their wiggles out.

4. Original Muscle Beach

Right next to Chess Park, Ocean Front Walk’s Original Muscle Beach is a historical destination that is known for serving gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts with an outdoor workout facility on the beach. It dates back to the 1930’s, and you can enjoy bars, balance beams, aerial rings, and ropes to get a great workout in or just try out for fun.

There are lots of things that kids can climb and balance on, places for the dog to run, as well as swing sets for the little ones. Enjoy popup live music performers, a great view of the Pier, and a dip in the ocean.

5. Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café

Big Dean’s is a must-visit destination on Ocean Front Walk. Enjoy open air indoor seating or outdoor seating, in addition to great beachfront food and drinks. It has a long history at Ocean Front Walk near the Pier with specialties in great pub food, delicious draft beers, and classic meals for everyone to enjoy.

You can end your Ocean Front Walk adventure with a great meal and drinks at Big Dean’s, then head to the Pier to watch the sunset. Check out Big Dean’s menu online and contact us if you have any questions. To stay in touch, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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