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Do you live in the Santa Monica area or are you visiting and you are someone who likes to take photos? Some people take pictures and share on social media platforms and others don’t share their photos but love taking them just as much. Whether you are one to just randomly snap images here and there or you are an avid photographer, we all love a good place to take a photo. We have come up with a few places we think are perfect for photo opportunities that will be sure to fit everyone’s liking.

Palisades Bluffs Park

This Santa Monica landmark has 26.4 acres of endless opportunities for taking photos! You can start your photo opportunity session at Ocean Avenue just between Colorado Avenue and Adelaide Drive. There really is something for everyone within this park! We are sure you will find several picture perfect areas.

Palisades Bluffs Park provides views of:

  • The Santa Monica Bay – Did you know on a clear day you can see Malibu?
  • Beautiful rose garden
  • Views of concrete and wood sculptures
  • Amazing totem poles

Santa Monica Street Art Murals

Did you know that Santa Monica is home to close to 100 street art murals? There is no doubt you will get to witness amazing artwork and we’re sure you will also capture some beautiful photos in the process!

There are eight areas where you can fill your eyes full of street art murals:

  • Downtown Santa Monica/3rd Street Promenade showcases 8 murals
  • Main Street offers 14 murals
  • Mid-City has 12 murals
  • Montana Avenue shows 2 murals
  • Ocean Park Blvd/Santa Monica Airport Area displays 17 murals
  • Pico Boulevard showcases 38 murals
  • Santa Monica Pier Area/Ocean Avenue offers 2 murals
  • Wilshire Boulevard displays 6 murals

Tongva Park

Tongva Park covers 6+ acres of lush landscape and prime photo opportunities. The park is divided into four main sections.

  • Observation Hill – located in the southwest section of the park and offers 18’ overlooks, walking paths and shaded seating.
  • Discovery Hill – located in the southeast section of the park and offers a children’s splash pad, a children’s play area and a shaded picnic area.
  • Garden Hill – located in the northeast section of the park and offers shaded picnic areas and walking paths.
  • Gathering Hill – located in the northwest section of the park and offers a beautiful grassy amphitheater and the iconic Weather Field No. 1 wind sculpture by Manglano-Ovalle.

With all of these areas, you are sure to get plenty of perfect pictures!


Sunsets On The Santa Monica Pier

Sunsets on the Santa Monica Pier could be rated as a must see for anyone that loves a sunset! This pier is over 100 years old and offers many spots to grab a picture. There are many attractions to see as well as just natural beauty around. You may see people fishing, surfing, swimming or just soaking up the sun on the beach. Seeing amazing waves to snap shots at won’t be a hard find either!

The pier offers many main attractions such as:

  • The End of Route 66
  • Pacific Park
  • Solar paneled Ferris wheel
  • Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
  • The Playland Arcade

With all the happenings on the pier and the sun setting in the background, the picture opportunities are endless!

Finish Your Day Of Photo Taking At Big Dean’s!

After a day filled touring Santa Monica and taking pictures, we’re sure you will be ready for adult beverages and great food! Be sure to check out a local and tourist favorite Santa Monica restaurant, Big Dean’s, where we have a variety of options such as our world famous burgers, grilled Ahi tacos or our fish & chips plus ice cold refreshing beer.

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