Santa Monica Neighborhoods: Everything You Need To Know (Part 2)

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Santa Monica neighborhoods

Itching to explore Santa Monica’s many, exciting neighborhoods? Each of Santa Monica’s eight neighborhoods has a world of unique options for every occasion. Whether you’re taking the family out for a day of activities, having a night out with friends, or simply enjoying the scenery, each of Santa Monica’s neighborhoods has a lot to offer.

Here’s what you need to know about the second half of Santa Monica’s eight lively neighborhoods. If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out!

4 Santa Monica Neighborhoods You Need To Explore

Ocean Park Boulevard

The Ocean Park Boulevard neighborhood, also known as the Santa Monica Airport area, is in the southeastern edge of Santa Monica and is known for its diverse shops, boutiques, and eats. You’ll definitely want to check out Clover Park, as well as the Museum of Flying. Plus, the airport has great observation decks, greenery, and antique market pop-ups.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, be sure to check out Artful Handcrafted Gifts, and if you’re looking for entertainment, the Ruskin Group Theatre is a great spot to be. Take your dog to Airport Park, check out a rugby or soccer game there, or grill out with friends.

Pico Boulevard

Santa Monica’s Pico Boulevard neighborhood is an art-filled, ever-growing neighborhood to hit with friends or family, where you can indulge in tons of murals, galleries, music venues, and beyond. The Saturday farmers’ market at Virginia Avenue Park is a big hit, as well as Santa Monica College’s performing arts venues and planetarium.

Be sure to also check out the Sewing Arts Center or swing by the popular local pet shop, Animal Kingdom of Santa Monica.

Santa Monica neighborhoods

Wilshire Boulevard

The Wilshire Boulevard neighborhood is a 16-mile stretch from LA to Ocean Avenue, and it has offerings on every part of the spectrum: upscale, thrift, boutique, traditional, creative, and more. It is known for its strip of consignment stores of every shape and size, which are enjoyed by people of all ages.

Looking for inspiration? You’ll find it in the Wilshire Boulevard area. Want to enjoy a great workout? Visit Gloveworx or Pure Barre and don’t forget to shoot some pool at the eclectic House of Billiards.

Main Street

The Main Street neighborhood features a wide array of businesses, boutiques, and activities for any time of day. Sitting next to the Pacific, it’s a great spot to walk around and browse through the many shops, as well as a lively spot for nightlife. Be sure to check out the California Heritage Museum, Cha Spa, Arts and Letters, and Love Adorned.

If you’re a big surfer, ZJ Boarding House is the spot for you to come by after a surf sesh. It is a favorite of surfers, bodyboarders, skateboarders, and beyond.

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