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California is known for its skateboarding community, especially in the Santa Monica area. There are plenty of Santa Monica skateboarding sites to enjoy, whether by yourself or with a group of friends and family. Explore the various park designs and layouts as you master each one of them on your board. Each skatepark is a little different than the next, so if you’re a skater who likes a challenge, you’ll enjoy rolling from one skate site to the next.

The Cove – A Santa Monica Skateboarding Site

A great skatepark for both adults and kids! Many parents enjoy bringing their children to The Cove because it’s a good park for beginning skaters to practice and learn how to board. The atmosphere at the park is friendly and laid back.

The Cove allows for day passes or paid memberships so you can come and go as you please. Not only is the park open to skateboarders but also BMXers, scooters, and rollerbladers.

Culver City Skate Park

A convenient and easy-to-find skateboarding site in the Santa Monica area. This park is beloved by many local families as it’s a nice place to take children. Don’t forget to bring your knee and elbow pads as well as a helmet as these accessories are strictly enforced by the park staff.

Another perk of Culver City Skate Park is that it is free to the public. When you’re looking for a fun, affordable family activity, this is the place to get your skate on!

Venice Skatepark

Venice Skatepark is another top-notch place to practice your ollies in the Santa Monica area. The layout of the park is pretty cool and has lots of hills, dips, and grooves. Many experienced skateboarders choose to frequent the Venice Skatepark, so if you consider yourself to be more of a spectator, you’ll enjoy sitting back in one of the benches and watching these guys and gals do their thing!

Westchester Skate Plaza

If you enjoy skateboarding under the starry sky, you’re going to want to grab your board and roll on over to the Westchester Skate Plaza. The park is perfect for nighttime skating adventures due to being equipped with bright, towering lights.

The concrete is smooth and well-maintained, which makes this park perfect for beginners and novice skaters alike. The locals love the fact that the bathrooms are always squeaky clean and that there is a beautiful play area on the park grounds for little ones to enjoy while the big kids skate.

Eat At Big Dean’s After Enjoying Santa Monica Area Skateboarding Sites

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