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Santa Monica Nicknames

Set along miles of glistening coastline, bordered between Malibu and Venice, Santa Monica is a charming seaside town that includes all of the culture, events, and urban amenities one would find in a bustling metropolis. Santa Monica is one of California’s most recognizable stretches of shoreline. Just like any major city, Santa Monica has earned a fair share of nicknames from locals to establish their city’s identify, to promote civic pride, and to build community unity. The list of nicknames below are a few of the slogans that have gained wide currency among residents and tourists alike.


Santa Monica first became known as ‘Dogtown’ to the teenage surf and skate team that helped shape skateboarding into an international sensation. In the 1970s, a group of outcasts started as surfers. Known as the Zephyr Team or Z-Boys, they started surfing in Dogtown, an area of southern Santa Monica, now a historical Santa Monica nickname, and western Los Angeles that covers Venice and Ocean Park beaches. Between Venice Beach and Santa Monica was an abandoned amusement park on the water called the Pacific Ocean Park Pier. Huge wood pilings and rickety piers formed a U-shape that created a secret cove for the surfers.

Home Of The Homeless

Four decades ago, Santa Monica was nicknamed ‘Home of the Homeless’ due to its then large and highly visible homeless population. With the unlikely help from the ACLU, Ronald Reagan closed numerous mental facilities in California. These actions led to the streets of Santa Monica being populated with the homeless almost overnight.

People’s Republic Of Santa Monica

When the seaside city turned so far to the left politically, critics dubbed it the ‘People’s Republic of Santa Monica’. For years, this beach city meant good living to the homeless, a place where they could beg freely for money, fill up Santa Monica’s pristine parks, wander its beaches, and bathe in its fountains.

Santa Monica Nicknames

Soviet Monica

The nickname ‘Soviet Monica’ came from conservatives after being fed up from the comfortable living afforded to the homeless and the relaxed living policies. For example, Santa Monica has been known for rent control and compassion for everyone but landlords and developers.

Silicon Beach

In recent years, a wave of tech and Internet startup companies have set up shop in the city, earning the Santa Monica area the nickname of ‘Silicon Beach.’ The tech community includes 500 companies calling the area home, which includes the stretch of cities west of Los Angeles, spanning from Santa Monica to Venice. In 2016, Santa Monica startup Snap Inc. pulled in a staggering $1.2 billion.

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