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Nearly nine million tourists vacationed in Santa Monica during 2017. That’s roughly one-fifth of the 47 million people who visit the Los Angeles area every year. So what makes people from around the globe want to visit Santa Monica?

There are plenty of reasons to visit, from the weather to the attractions. Santa Monica is also one of those great locations that you can visit any time of year, even during the winter months.

Read on to discover why you shouldn’t wait any longer and plan to visit Santa Monica this winter.

Great Weather

The average winter temperature in the United States hovers right around the freezing mark at 33.2 °F. However, the average high temperature in Santa Monica is between 64 °F and the low is 51 °F.

Americans in colder parts of the country may want to escape their frosty weather for a more milder climate. Santa Monica can provide them with that and plenty of fun outdoor activities.

Palisades Park

Palisades Park will provide you with the perfect view. It offers the typical image of LA’s beach that everyone imagines before they actually arrive in California.

The park looks out over Santa Monica Beach and gives visitors sculptures and other artworks that they can enjoy. These include the totem pole at San Vicente and the concrete sculpture found at Wilshire.

There are also plenty of trees throughout Palisades Park. You’ll be able to bask in the shade and protect yourself from the powerful California sun.

Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach is the quintessential California beach. It is a necessary stop for anyone visiting Santa Monica in the winter.

Visitors can ride the 35-kilometer bike trail. They can also play volleyball on the beach’s courts.

Not in the mood for any type of physical activity? Don’t worry about it. Just sit down, put your toes in the sand, and relax.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier has countless attractions that visitors from other parts of the United States or the world can enjoy.

There’s the Looff Hippodrome Carousel, a trapeze school, and an arcade. You can ride the pier’s solar-powered Ferris wheel, the world’s first and only one, and watch the sunset over the coastline.

Plus, there are street performers, an aquarium, and of course Big Dean’s where you can have an adult beverage and some good food. You’ll never be bored at Santa Monica Pier this winter or any time of the year.

Santa Monica’s Farmers’ Market

Do you love cooking? Are you always excited to try new ingredients and follow new recipes? Do you plan on making some of your own food during your stay in Santa Monica?

If so, be sure to come by the Santa Monica’s Farmers’ Market for the freshest produce around.

The entire market fills up Arizona Avenue on Wednesdays. It’s a must-visit spot for cooks and foodies.

Going Forward With Your Plan To Visit Santa Monica

Keep these factors in mind as you plan to visit Santa Monica. It’s one of the best places in the country to travel to, especially during the winter months.

Please make Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe a part of your visit to Santa Monica. Be sure to check out our menu, follow us on Facebook, and contact us if you have any questions at all!

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