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Cue music.

A familiar tune comes on, and you hear Sheryl Crow belt that all she wants to do is have some fun on Santa Monica Boulevard. And she’s got a feeling she’s not the only one.

Well, she was right.

If you’re like many nature lovers who live in Santa Monica — or those who are visiting this “Bright Side of the Bay” city — you’re ready to experience all that the city has to offer outdoors. And considering that Santa Monica has nice weather all year around, there’s no excuse not to get outside.

In addition to eating Southern California style, here’s a glimpse at six awesome things to do in Santa Monica for nature lovers.

Let’s jump in!

1. Things To Do In Santa Monica Include Beach Bike Tour

If you enjoy a mixture of nature and history, you can’t go wrong with a bike tour that will take you through Venice Beach and Santa Monica’s unique enclaves.

Not only will you get to view this beautiful area of Southern California, but also you’ll learn about the skate and surf history of this part of the state. Plus, you’ll get some excellent exercise in.

You can’t beat that.

2. Santa Monica Pier

This famous pier offers a large number of activities for the entire family. For instance, you can visit Pacific Park, where you can enjoy small rides and a roller coaster in a small amusement park.

Of course, as a nature lover, you’ll also want to carve out time to visit the pier aquarium. This aquarium is the perfect place for viewing Pacific sea life, including both plants and animals. In fact, it even offers many sea creatures that you’re allowed to touch.

3. Catch Some Sun

If your idea of a good time is simply lying down outside, Santa Monica Beach is an excellent place to soak up the sun.

Along with what takes place on the pier, the famous Santa Monica Beach remains a top place for simply enjoying some rest and relaxation while inhaling salt air.

4. Palisades Park

This park isn’t your average park.

Rather, it stretches beautifully along the eye-catching bluff that overlooks Santa Monica Beach. In addition, it offers plenty of sculpture and art, which may appeal to the artist in you.

Palisades Park also offers a number of trees that you can relax under, along with gardens for having picnics.

Because the park is located between the promenade and the Pacific ocean, there’s no reason not to take the time to visit it this fall.

5. Marvin Braude Beach Trail

This paved trail, which goes by the name “The Strand,” stretches 22 miles between beaches.

This trail is an ideal place to rent skates or bikes. You could easily spend hours taking in the beautiful scenes you’re sure to witness along the trail, all while enjoying the endorphin release that exercise provides.

6. Surfing

If you love surfing or are interested in getting your feet wet, Santa Monica is a great place to get started.

You’re allowed to surf in the area of the lifeguard towers of 18 to 20, as well as 28 to 29. Both advanced and beginning surfers can take advantage of private instructors and surf schools in this area, along with rental equipment.

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