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Santa Monica surfing

Santa Monica surfing is probably one of the most popular activities in the area. Everyone loves to take their board out on the water and catch that perfect wave. Some beaches are better than others when you’re looking to surf. You may even run into a few parks where surfing isn’t allowed. Bummer!

There are so many options for outdoor activities it can be hard to figure out which one to do. However, we know that spending the day on your board in the sunshine and water is what the Santa Monica experience is all about.

South Santa Monica Beach

This beach is large and in charge! Many folks opt to hit the waves from this sunny destination. Not only is South Santa Monica Beach perfect for surfing but it’s chock-full of other things to do, too. After you’ve caught the perfect wave, hop on the bike trail, play a little volleyball, or work on your tan. Don’t forget to spy a glimpse of that gorgeous sunset!

Santa Monica Beach Tower 26

Santa Monica Beach Tower 26 has a bit of a calmer atmosphere. A lot of the locals flock to this beach because it isn’t overcrowded like some of the other towers in the area. It’s a great place to hop on your board and get some much-needed surf therapy. This beach has been described as a “nice place to chill” by locals and tourists, alike.

Santa Monica State Beach

This beach is the epitome of Santa Monica surfing. The water is crystal clear, and the sand very soft and fluffy, which makes it the perfect place for surfing and sunbathing. If you like a crowded beach with lots of activity, Santa Monica State is right up your alley! Once you finish surfing, you can perch yourself up on the beach, and people watch.

South Beach Park

This particular beach is a mega hot spot for surfers. The atmosphere is super chill. Everyone that comes to this beach has one goal, and it is to board the best wave in the water. If you enjoy relaxing, surfing, and playing a friendly game of volleyball, South Beach Park should be on your list of places to visit in Santa Monica.

Lifeguard Tower 28

Lifeguard Tower 28 just might become your favorite surf spot. It’s serene, sunny, and always happenin’! You’ll enjoy the convenient walkways that allow you to get down to the water with ease. It’s hit or miss with how crowded this beach can sometimes be, but once you see the amazing surf, you won’t care about the hordes of people sitting on the sand.

Grab Some Grub At Big Dean’s After A Day Of Santa Monica Surfing

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