Well, we are here. The holidays have come and gone and now it’s the new year. It seems a lot of people set New Year resolutions and may be looking for ways to help them stay on track. It’s easy to get “off track” and forget the resolution all together. We are here to help! Here are 4 places in Santa Monica that we believe will help keep you on track with your New Year’s resolution goals.


Annenberg Beach House

This no membership required beach house has a swimming pool, playground, community center, beach courts, the Marion Davies Guest House and amazing views. Although the pool is closed this time of year, you still have the beach courts to take full advantage of!

The beach courts offers six volleyball courts that are also used for beach tennis as well as two regulation-size beach soccer fields to enjoy.

Another great feature of the Annenberg Beach House is the stand up paddle board rentals available year round. What a great way to get a workout in! Grab a board, hit the water and paddle board your way around the water!


The Strand

The Strand, as the locals call it, short for The Marvin Braude Beach Trail, is a great way to get in some exercise! This trail is perfect for walking, running, biking, skating and more with it’s twenty-one miles of paved surface. There are also several spots to stop to rent a bike.

The trail starts at Will Rogers State Park and will pass several attractions and “must sees” along the way. Some spots you will pass are the Temescal Gateway Park, Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.


Stairs Of Santa Monica

Doesn’t this sound fun!?! Stairs! Add these to your outings to help keep you on track. Santa Monica doesn’t just have one set of stairs for people to enjoy, they have several!

The “7th Street stairway” is made up of 152 wooden steps and 18 concrete steps and is 5.5 feet wide. Starting at 526 Adelaide Drive and then heading down to Entrada Drive, you will have about 110 feet of vertical change.

The “4th-street stairway” begins at 4th Street and Adelaide and will take you down to the Ocean Avenue Extension. You will have an overall vertical change of 115 feet while you are maneuvering the concrete steps and the left and right turns. You will be sure to get a workout in with this one!

There is also the “secret Mesa stairway” along with 4 others that will help keep you on track!


Muscle Beach Venice

If you are unsure what this is, Muscle Beach Venice is literally an outside gym, just steps away from the sand! It is an international sports landmark and was listed as one of America’s “100 Most Important Sports Venues” by ESPN. Muscle Beach offers the world famous 150,000 foot Gold’s Gym, which many memorable body builders have used, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. There is a lot of history to this place you are sure to see and feel!

Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself!

After all is said and done, you may be feeling a bit hungry and/or thirsty. If that is the case, make sure you check out a Santa Monica Pier restaurant favorite: World-famous Big Dean’s Ocean Front Cafe! Stop in for a refreshing ice cold beer and bite to eat. Sticking to your diet? Try one of our fresh homemade salads, a garden burger or our grilled Ahi tuna sandwich just to name a few options. Check out our full menu here and follow us on Facebook!

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