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When the weather is beautiful, nothing beats a scenic hike! In Santa Monica, California, the weather is sunny and warm most of the year, making it an excellent destination for active people who love the beach and a great hiking trail. Now that the weather will quickly start to become warmer, it’s a wise idea to plan out which hiking trails around Santa Monica you’d like to explore.

For those new to hiking in Santa Monica, here’s what you need to know to get started. The best idea is to choose a trail that is for beginners. It’s too complicated for new hikers to attempt to trek on the more difficult paths. Plus, you can ensure your safety on a more leisurely hike. Having adequate hiking gear is a must as well. Wear workout clothes designed to wick sweat so you can be comfortable and safe from the elements. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!

That Santa Monica sun and heat can lead to heatstroke if you aren’t cautious. Aim to hike early in the day to avoid crowds and be sure to watch out for unsafe conditions or animals on the trail.

Having Fun While Hiking In Santa Monica

One of the most popular places for hiking in Santa Monica is the Eaton Canyon Natural Area. This scenic area is a 190 acre botanical, geological, and zoological preserve complete with three family-friendly hiking trails. You can find a gorgeous 40-foot waterfall at the end of one of the trails!

Another great trail for hiking in Santa Monica is the Mishe Mokwa Trail Located in the Santa Monica Hills National Recreation Area. This 3.5-mile trail gives you a chance to see Balanced Rock and Carlyle Canyon.

For more intermediate hikers, try the Point Dume Cave Trail. It’s only 1.5 miles, but the rugged terrain and soft sand make this trail quite challenging to finish.

If you and your crew would like to spend an entire day hiking in Santa Monica, head to the Los Leones Trail in Topanga State Park. This 7-mile hike features breathtaking views, but exposes hikers to a lot of sun, so don’t forget to take plenty of water with you.

For expert hikers, Paseo Miramar is a must! This 5-mile trek will give you access to beautiful views of Catalina Island, the Pacific Ocean, and downtown Los Angeles.

Take A Break After A Long Hike At Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café

After completing a great hike, it’s time to fuel up! Come to Big Dean’s in Santa Monica for a tasty meal and refreshing drinks to reward yourself after a tough workout on the hiking trail. Big Dean’s has excellent burgers, sandwiches, fish & chips, and more! You can even get healthier options like the Garden Burgers, Beyond Burgers, and salads. We’re open every night until 10 PM, so you can spend a lovely, relaxing evening at Big Dean’s after hiking in Santa Monica!

For more information on staying active around Santa Monica and the delicious food served at Big Dean’s, follow us on Facebook! You can also reach out to us on our website or by phone at (310) 393-2666. We look forward to seeing you at Big Dean’s after you enjoy hiking in Santa Monica.

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