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haunted places in Santa Monica

Halloween in Southern California is a real scream! Finding haunted places in Santa Monica to explore is something both locals and tourists alike enjoy doing. Believe it or not, Santa Monica and the surrounding area is crawling with creepy attractions that are sure to chill you to the bone! Some of the haunts around the city aren’t just for fun and are truly brimming with paranormal activity.

Gather a group of friends and head on out to any of these spooky places if you dare! Santa Monica is the place to be for haunted happenings during the Halloween season.

Murder House

If you are a fan of the famous American Horror Story franchise, you’re going to love this haunted attraction. The Murder House is the home that was used on set during the filming of season one of AHS. Some folks say that there is an eerie vibe in this house and that it may not be all make-believe. You’ll have to judge for yourself if you dare!

The Georgian Hotel

The Georgian Hotel has seen report after report of eerie footsteps, disembodied voices, and strange happenings that cannot be explained. If you’re looking for haunted places in Santa Monica, you’ll want to visit the Georgian Hotel. You may even see a ghostly apparition, as many others have said to of observed spirits dancing about the hallways.

Murphy’s Ranch

It all began when rumors of Nazi sympathizers started to circulate, and children and locals turned up missing. Some say that these people wanted to form another Reich right in California! Nobody knows for sure if the rumors were real, but one thing is for certain, Murphy’s Ranch is haunted. Those who have visited said they could hear children screaming and other weird occurrences. A lot of the paranormal activity at this place is chalked up to people practicing the occult on the land.

Santa Monica Ghost Tours

Get your fill of terror when you hop on a Santa Monica Ghost Tour. You are taken on a fun-filled, spooktacular adventure with a knowledgeable tour guide who is just dying to scare you! You’ll visit places that dive deep into Santa Monica’s haunted history.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is perfect for family adventures as it combines just the right amount of fright and fun for the kids. You’ll see a creepy haunted zoo, flashes of lightning, and plenty of actors who are biting at the bit to freak you out.

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