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Visiting Santa Monica, California,is filled with excitement, shopping, and fabulous food. However, many tourists choose to take their visit a step further by getting to know the city’s ghosts. Santa Monica hauntings are alive, well, and part of the rich history of the area. From ghost tours to haunted hotels, this city has supernatural happenings all over the place!

When you feel like having the daylights scared out of you, Santa Monica is the place to go. Easily fill your desire for fright with a midnight walk downtown or by dining at a spirit-filled pub, and we aren’t referring to the drinks.

Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours

This is one of the best ghost tours the city has to offer. If you truly want to experience Santa Monica hauntings, this paranormal guided walking tour is right up your ally. You’ll venture into the creepiest parts of the Santa Monica Pier and bluffs. The guides aren’t simply actors, either. In fact, they are knowledgeable in parapsychology and are chomping at the bit to give you a bone-chilling experience that you’ll never forget.

On this tour, you’ll hear eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity and even attempt to contact the local spirits. The tour also includes a stop at one of the most haunted hotels in the USA. Prepare for a spooktacular time!

Joan Crawford House

Do you use wire hangers? Well, if you do, you had better not admit to it while visiting Joan’s house. She’ll getcha!

During her childhood, Joan’s adopted daughter, Christina Crawford, claims she used to see scary images and hear noises. In fact, the previous owners of the home said they experienced negative energy in the house, too. If you want to hear crying coming from the walls and perhaps meet the ghost of Joan Crawford herself, visit this blood-curdling Santa Monica haunt.

Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Café

If you aren’t into old movies, you probably have no clue who Thelma Todd is. She was a Hollywood starlet who died mysteriously in the 1930s. Even though her death was ruled an accident, some people believe Thelma was murdered.

If you’re after some fun Santa Monica Hauntings, hop on over to Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Café. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet Thelma! She’s only been dead for decades.

Hauntings At Mount Saint Mary’s College

For years, students and staff have experienced some peculiar happenings in Brady Hall at Mount Saint Mary’s College. Many have described being there as a feeling of oppression. Doors open and slam on their own,and ghostly nuns appear out of nowhere.

If you’re brave, you’ll visit this college and risk seeing something truly spooky! Beware of Carondelet dorm, too.

Come Hang Out At Big Dean’s After Your Day (Or Evening) Filled With Hauntings!

After checking out some of the stops above, be sure to head on over to the Pier area where urban legends, and stories of unexplained things have been heard. Big Dean’s is just on the east side of the Boardwalk and we’d love to hear stories from your day!Stop in and grab some grub and a cold one. Good food and great company are the perfect way to end the day after you’ve just had the ever-loving daylights scared out of you.

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