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Santa Monica Activities

Have you been looking out your window dreaming of an escape from urban sprawl? Checking out Santa Monica activities is the first step to making the sun on your back and the smell of the ocean air a reality. There are reasons why this beach-front community is such a well-known destination, known to draw celebrities and outdoor enthusiasts year-round for its unique offerings.

Santa Monica is known for its expansive, clean beaches, eclectic outdoor activities, and memorable local food. It’s a mecca of outdoor fun and summer events, most of which are in walking distance from each other. So, yes, while planning your fun is great, spontaneity works in this popular destination.

Santa Monica Tourist Attractions Not To Miss Out On:

The Santa Monica beach is a landmark stretch of soft sand spanning 3.5 miles with mountain views. While there are many activities on the beach itself, such as volleyball, swimming and sunbathing, tourists and locals alike are also seen biking, skating and hiking nearby.

Relax And Enjoy Outdoor Summer Concerts

Nothing makes ocean breezes mixed with summer nights better than music. There are many different live concert events in and around the LA area. Events are scheduled for specific dates with different artists and genres.

People Watch Or Show Off Your Skills At Muscle Beach

Not to be confused with Venice beach’s outdoor weight-lifting gym, this is an outdoor area with actual gymnastic equipment. You can regularly spot skilled gymnasts and acrobats doing their thing, or you can try some stunts yourself.

Skip Bootcamp And Take On The Santa Monica Stairs

If you really want to rev up your appetite for Big Dean’s, take on the long, steep staircase even the ultra-runner at work would be impressed by. It is located at Adelaide Drive and 4th Street and runs to the northwest from Adelaide Drive to Santa Monica Canyon in Los Angeles.

Satisfy Your Need For An Adventure With Trapeze Class

Put on by the Trapeze School Of New York; this is a class you won’t soon forget. If you’ve ever wanted to run off and join the circus, and maybe still do on some Monday mornings, this is your chance to indulge. Take an adrenaline-filled 2-hour class to learn how to high fly like the pros.

Get Calm And Energized With Roga, A Popular Santa Monica Activity

This easy to remember term may not be as easy to complete, but the ocean air and awesome local food will energize you. It combines the two most natural fitness pursuits, beach-side yoga and running or walking 2 to 5-mile courses. Aside from bragging rights and the complete workout you’ve been needing, it will give you a good excuse to order some amazing buffalo wings or chili fries and a nice IPA.

Check Out One Of The Best Santa Monica Activities

You know you want your meals to be as much an experience to be excited about as the rest of your adventure, so don’t miss out! Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café is known for its huge selection of premium bar food and beer, not to mention it’s friendly and energetic vibe. Relaxing outside or inside while watching sports is the perfect way to keep up the flow of your Santa Monica activities.

Call us at 310-393-2666 with any questions you have. We’re located at 1615 Ocean Front Walk in Santa Monica on the east side of the Boardwalk across from the Merry Go Round. Follow us on Facebook to find out what we’re all about!

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