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celebrity sightings in Santa Monica

Santa Monica boasts a wide range of must-do activities and must-see places. Therefore, it is no wonder that celebrity sightings in Santa Monica are quite common. If you will be visiting Santa Monica and hope to see a couple of celebs too be sure to get your beach bum to the following five places which have been reported to be popular amongst the stars.

Pacific Palisades Recreation Center

Located a couple of miles away from Santa Monica, this scenic park is a popular place that boasts baseball fields as well as tennis and basketball courts. Though, if sports is not one of your favorite pastimes, you might be able to court the attention of celebs instead. Not only is this a popular place amongst nannies and toddlers but celebrities like Adam Sandler and Harrison Ford have been spotted hanging out at Pacific Palisades Recreation Center.

Santa Monica Farmers Market

Did someone say cheese? Well, here you can shop for cheese and possibly say “Cheese” too while posing for a selfie with one of your favorite celebs. Even if you do not spot one of Hollywood’s A-listers, you are bound to be treated to delicious fresh produce. As a matter of fact, the most highly praised chefs from some of the best restaurants in Santa Monica visit this farmers market every Wednesday for first pick of the local produce.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel

Situated on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel has been a popular hang-out amongst Hollywood’s brightest stars for quite some time. If you were not spoiled with a celebrity sighting, there are always the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean to enjoy.

Hot 8 Yoga

As celebrities are constantly the focus of public attention, they need to exercise regularly to stay in shape. So, it makes sense that you stand a good chance of spotting a celeb at a yoga studio.

Next time that you visit Hot 8 Yoga, your heart might just skip a beat for a different reason. Located on Second Street, Hot 8 Yoga Santa Monica has helped celebs like Pink, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba. So, sign up for one of their yoga classes and you might just be the next class act.

Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café

Located on the Boardwalk’s eastern side opposite the merry-go-round, Big Dean’s Ocean Front Café is a well-known spot for celebrity sightings in Santa Monica. Some of the celebrities who have been seen here include Evel Knievel and Arnold Schwarzenegger. So, you are for sure to see some action here from time to time!

Although, if celebrity sighting is not the catch of the day, rest assured Big Dean’s burgers are not called World Famous without very good reason. Here you will find something that will suit everyone’s taste!

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